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ASEC's competitive advantages:

    Full product combination and widely used.
Competitive product market.
Experienced and professional management teams.
Total integrated value-added services.
Development of firm partnerships with upstream/downstream manufacturers.

Full products combination and widely used

Our products are widely used in: PC, internet, telecommunication, MCU, electronic products, multimedia software / hardware, energy saving and carbon reduction products etc, for example: Mobile TV, LCD TV, mobile phone, wireless broadband, internet, MP3, networking and Telecom appliances, MPEG Encoder / Decoder, Set- top Box, CMOS Sensor, HDTV, IP Phone and a variety of multimedia software, LED lighting and green energy products..  What ASEC can provide is a multiple and perfect combination of product supply.

Competitive product market

ASEC represents about over 40 international well-known software / hardware manufacturers from Europe, America or Asia, for example: Intel、Microchip、Ralink、iWatt、Renesas、Fujitsu、Hisense、Edison etc.  Due to ASEC’s sensitivity and keen eyes on the future trends, our product lines are facing great competition in the product market.  ASEC will continuously and actively research and develop product promotions of with new profit base.  ASEC is expecting more prosperous business and to achieve more importance in the market.

Experienced and professional management teams

Management teams of ASEC consist of highly qualified and spiritual strong professionals.  Every one of them has accumulated at least 20-year experience in their professional fields.  Besides, most of the high and middle managers in ASEC have been dedicated themselves in this business for at least 20 years and have already built up a tacit agreement and a unanimous goal among teams along with a firm interactive relationship with other workers.
ASEC pays great attention to employees’ education and training.  ASEC allocates a huge amount of expenses on educational and training projects for the personnel every year in order to encourage them to take on-the-job improvement and trainings.  Therefore, the personnel are given a chance to broaden their view on the global industry with a macro sight and thus developing a new idea of creativity valuation.  In addition, ASEC has established a Personnel Welfare Committee in order to show respects to their rights and to provide a benefit-sharing working environment.  ASEC has also set up a system for the dedicated personnel to draw extra dividends and shares of the company, so that they will have a chance to participate in the company management and share the company profits.

Total integrated valued-added services

ASEC offers its customers “Total Solution” of quality.  ASEC plays a multi-role, as a distributor, consultant and business partner.  Due to its rich experience gathered during the past years in the electronic component market, ASEC has nurtured a tacit and steady long-term cooperation with a lot of suppliers and those manufacturers with excellent performance.  Up till now, we have high quality engineer teams recruited from overseas or local in both practical and R&D department.  We provide our customers with future orientated product design, testing services and assist our upstream / downstream manufacturers in getting professional information from the factory of design, so that the products developed by our customers could be promoted and become the lead in their market.  Under the perfect team-work of our staff in marketing, sales and engineering, ASEC has created the greatest value of “Total Integration” and thus establishing an image of professional provider in the business world.

Development of firm partnerships with upstream/downstream manufacturers

In the electronic component market, ASEC has developed a tacit, steady growing partnership with the suppliers and customers with its many years of rich experience in this field.  ASEC had been repeatedly awarded by our manufacturers as the most excellent achievement in sales and marketing over the years.  Furthermore, we have also built up a long term steady cooperation with many corporative manufacturers.  Through our offshore office in Hong Kong, ASEC is able to sell its products to those manufacturers.  We are working together with the upstream manufacturer on producing vigorous components in great demand in order to broaden represented product lines, grasp the resource and raise the gross profits.  On the other hand, we choose to positively cooperate with potential downstream, manufacturer in order to develop a long-term information service and technical support.  ASEC determines to know and recognize customer needs and to win their trust, which proves that ASEC has highly yielded the valuation of new-generated professional representative.