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ASEC International Corporation is founded in April of 1986 and professionally represents well-known semiconductor components produced by either domestic or foreign manufacturers. With the trend of could computing conception, ASEC represented completed total-solution product lines which are widely used in: PC, internet, telecommunication, MCU, electronic products, multimedia software / hardware and energy saving and carbon reduction products etc, including mobile TV, LCD TV, mobile phone, wireless broadband, internet, MP3, networking and Telecom appliances, MPEG encoder/decoder, Set-top Box, CMOS sensor, adapter, HDTV, IP phone and a variety of multimedia software, LED lighting and green energy products.
After going through all the hard work, ASEC has been growing and changing for the last 32 years and thus, ASEC orientates to “3C Integrated Solution Provider”. Our goals are to pursue differentiation and raise customers’ valuation. ASEC has now become one of the 10 most famous and biggest representatives in Taiwan.
ASEC’s strong sales and management teams complements a strict internal management, flexible marketing strategies and professional technical supports and provides customers with “Total Solution”. Beside from the head quarter located in Taipei, ASEC has spread its service points to Hong Kong and mainland China along with the expansion of customers in 3C industry. ASEC provides sales service network which connects the entire business area and gains deep trust and recognition from our customers.

Management Philosophy

ASEC stands for the ideas of being Active, Smart, Efficient and Creative in order to recognize and understand the customers’ need. Besides from building up firm and long-term partnerships with the suppliers/customers and offering our customers assistance in establishing “flexible logistics”, ASEC thinks also highly to technical services and thereby providing our customers with worthy “Total Solution”, so that our commitments made to customers would be completed and our ambition of becoming the most outstanding semiconductor representative in Asia Pacific and “Asian Canyon” fulfilled.

Active Grasps every need of our customers and provides “Total Solution”.

Smart Our personnel aims on an excellent management of smart quality.

Efficient- Tends to continuously improve ourselves to be more efficient at work.

CreativeDetermines to be creative and opened up to new valuation of new ideas.