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Metanoia Communication offers state-of-the-art communication IC's for VDSL2. The
product family includes complete chip-set solutions for both Central Office (CO) and
Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

FALCON, Metanoia's first family of end-to-end VDSL/ VDSL2 (12a) solutions, is compliant with the ITU-T VDSL2 standard (G.993.2). It consists of a single-channel DMT with 8a, 12a, and 17a profile and a 12 MHz bandwidth AFE with built in LD.

Leveraging the maximum bandwidth of up to 12 MHz, FALCON drives 100Mb/60Mb over copper wires within 1000ft. Metanoia’s FALCON offers a high performance VDSL2 solution with minimum extra devices and very competitive price for system design.