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The importance of ASSPs (application-specific ICs) as a core technology for system LSIs is growing. These devices use advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing technology together with systems technology and application technology to create products for use in a variety of different systems ranging from PCs, mobile phones, and communication and network equipment to power supplies, files, image processing, and HDTV. Fujitsu has concentrated on these technologies to produce a range of products that feature high performance and advanced functions together with ease-of-use.

H.264 Video Processing LSIs
Fujitsu's strengths in imaging and video processing can be seen in our market successes in working intimately with our customers to provide solutions for digital video cameras, set-top-boxes(STB), digital video recorders(DVR), digital TVs etc.

Fujitsu will continue to be an industry leader of H.264 processing technology, and will provide customers with video processing LSIs for high-performance digital equipment.

H.264 Product Road Map
H.264 LSI Roadmap

USB 3.0-SATA Bridge ICs
MB86C30A is ASSP IC intended for an external USB storage unit that is connected to PC.
Especially this product is suitable for simple USB HDD that is composed of single HDD, for example, a low-end oriented desktop model and a portable model likely to require an encryption function. This product can easily enable you to grade up legacy USB2.0 storage unit to up-to-date USB3.0 storage unit.